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Turkish terrorists beat up Israel troops
Turkey, Israel near clash after terror cell exposed on flotilla. Israel flies embassy families out
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 2, 2010

To stop the flotilla crisis from spinning out of control, US president Barack Obama asked Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu to release all the remaining passengers without delay. His bid for Turkish restraint drew from PM Recep Erdogan the threat that if America did not punish Israel, Turkey would. Israel began evacuating diplomats' families from Turkey. Passengers said an al Qaeda-linked cell had imposed a quasi-military regimen aboard the Turkish Marmora.

Israel commandos board boat in pro-Palestinian flotilla
Nine activists killed in flotilla raid, ten Israeli soldiers injured
DEBKAfile Special Report May 31, 2010

Turkey threatens reprisals, Greece halts joint maneuver with Israel over Israeli naval commando action which killed 9 activists aboard the pro-Palestinian flotilla lead boat  80 miles out at sea. Casualty figures still not confirmed. Passengers attacked the soldiers, opened fire with gun snatched from a soldier and wielded knives and iron bars. The soldiers shot back after 10 were injured. Helicopters ferried all the casualties to Israeli hospitals. Nationwide alert for disturbances declared in Israel and around its borders. 

Turkish Chief of Staff Gen. Ilker Basburg
Israel braces for Turkish, Hizballah, Hamas reprisals. Greece halts joint drill
DEBKAfile Special Report May 31, 2010

debkafile's military sources report Israeli concerns that on top of strong diplomatic reprisals, Turkey may resort to military steps along with Hizballah and Hamas for the Israel Navy's seizure Monday, May 31, of the Turkish vessel leading the flotilla in which 9 activists died, 33 injured.  Turkish chief of staff Gen. Ilker Basbug was recalled urgently to Ankara from a visit to Egypt after Ankara threatened "unprecedented and incalculable" reprisals. Greece halted its joint exercise with Israel in protest.

Israel's Barak-8 naval shield
Israel will not sell Turkey advanced naval Barak-8 interceptor
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 27, 2010

Israel's advanced military hardware sales to Turkey are petering out under the impact of Tayyep Recep Erdogan's alignment with Syria and Iran and his poisonous attacks, with detrimental effect on the Turkish army's operational capabilities. debkafile sources report that Israel refused to sell the Turkish Navy the Barak 8 missile interceptor, whose radar provides warships with 360-degree coverage against incoming missiles or air attack. Its co-developer India is equally adamant against the sale.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Is the Army Vanquished, Or Able to Fight Another Day?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 5, 2010

The Turkish army, NATO's second largest, is showing little fight against the pro-Muslim Erdogan government's mass arrests of top military chiefs, past and present. Washington and Brussels ask which way it will jump in a war involving Iran.

Turkey's ruling Muslim party: Israel military planted bugs at army HQ
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 28, 2010

Turkish prime minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan has engineered a fresh assault on the already crisis-laden relationship between Turkey and Israel by putting up members of his ruling AK Islamic party to accuse the Israel military of planting bugs at Turkish military headquarters in Ankara for covert surveillance on Iran and Syria.
Erdogan is determined to stamp out the last remnants of the once-warm ties between Turkish and Israeli generals.


Turkey's second slap: A war game with Syria
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 19, 2009
Tuesday, Oct.13, Syrian defense minister Gen. Ali Habib made the triumphant announcement: We held our first joint land military exercise (with Turkey) last spring. And today we have agreed to do a more comprehensive, a bigger one. He spoke at a ceremony declaring a free trade zone between the two countries and opening their borders for the passage of their citizens without visas. Present were the two foreign ministers, Ahmed Davutoglu and Walid Mualem.
The next day, Today's Zaman provided Ankara's explanation for its last-minute decision to cancel Israeli participation in the annual multiple air maneuver with NATO under the caption: Delay in delivery of Herons behind drill crisis, not politics.
debkafile's Ankara sources stress that foreign minister Davutoglu is steering the Turkish government and army toward a broad new horizon after persuading Erdogan that the way to restoring Turkey to the regional primacy enjoyed by the Ottoman empire depended on its assuming leadership and mediation roles in the Middle East and Muslim world.
Erdogan is not deterred by every single Turkish mediation effort running aground, a fact which his hostility to Israel is designed to mask.

Erdogan promises Iran Turkish intelligence aid against Israel
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 16, 2009
debkafile's military sources reveal that Turkish prime minister Tayyep Recep Erdogan and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad struck military cooperation deals on Oct. 28 which assured Iran of Turkish military intelligence and air force assistance against a possible Israeli attack on its nuclear sites. Also promised was Turkish surveillance of US military movements for providing Israel with back-up.
Turkey holds war game with Syria after removing Israel from air exercise
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 18, 2009
Turkey's Today's Zaman Wednesday, Oct. 14, provided a new motive for Ankara's last-minute decision to cancel Israeli participation in the annual multiple air maneuver with NATO: A senior Turkish military source was quoted as saying: "Israel has failed yet again to deliver the Israeli-made surveillance drones known as Herons to Turkey."
debkafile's Special Analysis below points to the real reason for the Erdogan government's anti-Israel policy, and the destructive fallout from the Netanyahu government's tame response.
Turkish-Syrian exercise prompts Israeli review of sophisticated arms sales to Ankara<br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 4, 2009
Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak commented Monday, April 27, that Turkey's decision to hold military maneuvers with Syria is "disturbing."
And that is not all. The exercise will be accompanied Monday or Tuesday by the signing of a letter of intent for Turkish-Syrian cooperation in the defense industry.
debkafile's military sources report the two events mark the shrinkage of Turkey's military and trading ties with Israel.
Second Turkish affront administered to Israel in a week
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 3, 2009
Turkey's army chief Gen. Ilker Basburg brushed off the Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak's comment that the joint Turkish-Syrian military exercise was "disturbing."
Barak referred to the first exercise Turkey, Israel's longstanding military ally and NATO member, had ever staged with an Arab nation, Israel's avowed foe Syria. Gen. Basbug said it was only a border exercise, small-scale and "none of anybody's business."
Turkey is backing out of Western orbit. Where to? <br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 4, 2009
DEBKA-Net-Weekly analysts examine the options facing Turkey as its estrangement from the US and Europe solidifies: Will this NATO member turn to Russia and the Caucasus, the Arab world or Iran?
This and other exclusives appeared in the latest issue out Friday.
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Erdogan Ruptures Turkish-Israel Relations
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 14, 2009
A deep crisis in Turkish-Israel relations appears to be the first strategic casualty of Israel's offensive to suppress Hamas' rocket campaign. debkafile's Ankara sources report that Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seriously planning to freeze the long-standing military ties between the US's foremost defense allies in the Middle East and call off forthcoming joint maneuvers. If his hostility toward Israel persists, it will have far-reaching fallout for American Middle East policies and Israel's defense position in the region.
And there is no sign of him relenting; just the reverse.
Turkish premier storms out of Davos after run-in with Israeli president
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 1, 2009
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Thursday, Jan. 29, reproached Israeli president Shimon Peres over the Gaza offensive, saying "You kill people."
Israeli president Shimon Peres said, raising his voice, Israel's 22-day offensive was launched in reaction to eight years of rocket fire. Turning to Erdogan, he asked: What you would do if rockets landed on Istanbul every night?
The Israeli leader later called the Turkish premier and they agreed that incident would not affect relations between their countries.
Turkey joins the Middle East nuclear arms race<br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 30, 2008
This was disclosed for the first time by the latest DEBKA-Net-Weekly out last Friday.
Instead of condemning Iran with the West, the Turks are saying: If Tehran can do it, so can Ankara.
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Turkey strikes balance over Georgia while welcoming Lavrov<br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 3, 2008
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in Istanbul Tuesday, Sept. 2, to hear his Turkish counterpart Ali Babacan present Ankara's regional Caucasus cooperation plan for stabilizing the region in the wake of the Georgian crisis.
Turkish prime minister Tayyep Erdogan is trying to strike a neutral posture between the US and Russia over the Georgia crisis.
Ankara played key role in validating Damascus-Tehran pact and marketing a nuclear Iran <br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 10, 2008
The intense exchanges afoot between Ankara, Damascus and Tehran in recent months burst into the open Tuesday, Aug.5 at the south Turkish Aegean resort town of Bodrum, when Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan entertained Syrian president Bashar Assad and a large party of notables. This is revealed by debkafile's Middle East sources.
Assad came fresh from his triumphant talks in Tehran three days earlier. The two leaders' Aegean lunch was followed on cue by Tehran's announcement that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would visit Ankara for talks with president Abdullah Gul on August 14.
Al Qaeda responsible for attack on US Istanbul consulate, three Turkish police deaths
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 11, 2008
Three Turkish policemen and three gunmen died in a shootout at the entrance to the US consulate in Istanbul Wednesday, July 9. Three terrorists, identified by Istanbul police as Turkish members of al Qaeda, were killed after failing to break through to the consulate. Two policemen were killed on the spot, two more were gravely wounded and one died of his wounds.
In a separate attack, Kurdish rebel gunmen abducted three German tourists in E. Turkey.
Turkish ruling party faces ban over Islamic headscarf ruling <br/>
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 1, 2008
A unanimous decision was taken Monday, March 31, by Turkey's constitutional court to hear a case for closing down the governing AKP party for actions to weaken the country's secular system. The chief prosecutor moved for prime minister Tayyep Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul to be banned from politics. They and 69 party officials have a month to prepare their defense in a case which bringsTurkey's secularist establishment and the ruling Muslim-rooted party to the point of showdown.
Their amendment of the constitution to permit girls at universities to wear headscarves is part of a 162-page case which accuses the government of an "Islamic agenda."
Turkey pulls its troops out of northern Iraq
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 2, 2008
Ankara responded Friday, Feb. 29, to President George Bush's demand to end its ground operation against the PKK rebels holed up in northern Iraq.
Our political sources note that Ankara's surrender to Washington will strengthen the opposition in Israel's government and military command to a large-scale anti-missile military operation in the Gaza Strip for which the public is clamoring.
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